We Can Stay Calm In the Storm ft. BRM

New original christian rap video featuring BRM. 


Musical Journey

From the the young age of 8 years old, I have felt this pull or calling to music. I really did not believe that there as anything special about me until around my teen years. At 18 years old the creator of the universe found me and that is when everything changed!


After being derailed for years on this journey the God has for me, I started writing little songs with some of the bands I have had the pleasure of working with. With no formal music training, I still found such joy in creating melodies, lyrics and musical anecdotes. After writing a few songs with the help of one of my first bands I was in, I realized that perhaps I do have a special gift in music somehow. 

Looking to the Future

I simply want to create music that is filled with the truth of my journey, the grace of God and Spirit of Christ . I want to continue to learn how to sing in the spirit and literally do most everything in the spirit because this is how Christ walked on this earth. Amen!

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